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Process of halal certification is unique and identical for all companies besides its complexity, volume and production branch, and it is conducted according the halal certification procedure of Halal standard BAS 1049:2007.

If a producer/company wants to approach and engage to the process of halal certification, it is necessary to present following documentation to Agency:

1. Settlement of judicial registration, identification, tax and VAT number, License to use for business facility (appeasement of hygienic-sanitary   condition by Law)

2. Statement of commitment of management and administration of a company for halal quality production,

3. Documentation attesting that the production process apply all provisions of health, hygiene and sanitary measures prescribed positive law , including some international standards (ISO and HACCP)

In the further proceedings it is to determine whether the raw material basis and production process are clean of ingredients that Muslims are forbidden (haram) to use.

In order for Agency to have an idea of the scope and activities of the company that decides to implement Halal standard BAS 1049:2007, it is necessary to provide contact information (phone / fax, phone, e-mail) a person responsible for the implementation of the Halal standard.

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