Halal Standard BAS 1049:2007

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Halal standard is a document that clearly defines procedures for halal certification. Halal standard is registered with the Institute for Standardization of Bosnia as a national standard called Halal foods - requirements and measures, BAS 1049:2007. The Fatwa Council of Islamic Community in BiH Act No. 54/05 confirmed that the Halal standard is in accordance with Islamic regulations.

As a working basis for the standards the following documents are used:
a) CAC / GL 24-1997, General Guidelines for Use of the Term "Halal" - General guidelines for use of the word "halal"
b) CAC / RCP 11-1993, Codex Recommendation for Fresh Meat - Codex recommendations for fresh meat,
c) ISO 22000: 2006, Food Safety Management Systems - Requirements for any Organization in the Food Chain, - Food safety management systems - Requirements for any organization in the food chain,
d) ISO 9000:2001, Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary,
-Quality management systems - Fundamentals and concepts
e) the principles of Shariah - the Quran and Hadith

Halal standard is composed of following documents:
1. Halal standard
2. The procedure for certification
3. Regulation of the audit
4. Rules on halal slaughter
5. Regulations on Trademark
6. Manual for Halal status of additives

With Halal standard is determent:
-    What is allowed and what forbidden for Muslims
-    How to certify and verify the application of the requirements of the Standards
-    How to conduct halal slaughter of animals
-    How to mark halal products
-    Halal status of additives

Halal standard is based on proactive preventive method; it is compatible with other international standards that regulate the area of quality production management (ISO, HACCP and others).

In the activities of the Expert Group for Standards of Organization of Islamic Conference on the development and establishment of a unified international Halal standard and the process of halal certification and accreditation, Halal standard BAS 1049:2007  was used as the working background and reference document.

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