First Albanian Halal Expo

First Albanian Halal Expo

About Us

A.H.D. llc was established in 2017.

Our denomination (A.H.D.) is a short form for Albanian Halal Distribution.

A.H.D. llc operates in two areas:

– Halal goods distribution company,
– Event planning and executing company.

Our most important event is for sure the Albanian Halal Expo, which first edition will be held in Palace of Congresses from May 4th to May 6th 2018.

Despite it is a young company, the A.H.D. llc founder comes from a 19 years experience in General Commerce and 7 years experience in Exhibition Organizing.

Having the most important capital, which is the Know-How, we do have the conviction that a bright future stands by A.H.D. llc.

Our main focus in in general services toward Albanian Muslims, and, we are working very hard to bring everything that’s missing in the Albanian Muslim’s life.

Albanian Halal Expo is focused on Halal Industries like Halal Food. Halal CosmeticsHalal TourismHalal BeveragesHalal PharmaceuticalHalal Lifestyle, Muslim Education and much more.

It will be the centre of attraction for Muslim buyers, producers, exporters and also the for the industries associated in Halal Packaging and Halal Transportation.

Halal Expo  helps you to understand more about halal market. More over meeting people face to face will help you to learn more about the exhibitors and their plans. You can even study about the different tied up with existing customers or make connection with the new dealers and distributors. It can also prove as cost effective way to promote your new and existing product and services.

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